Welcome to Mindshift+

The “Mindshift+ Educational Programme” aims to provide school-based support to equip teachers and students with knowledge, skills and strategies to cope with mental health concerns, as well as enhancing their empathy towards people with mental illnesses. We expect that this Programme will enhance students’ and teachers’ ability to cope with stress and adversity, as well as promoting a positive outlook on life.

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While this Programme covers a broad range of mental health and stress issues, there will be a strong focus on psychosis. Psychosis is a leading cause of disability worldwide and affects approximately 3 in 100 people. Despite the prevalence of this illness, there remains significant misunderstanding and discrimination in the society. By promoting mental health awareness, discussion and service among teachers and students, it is anticipated that this Programme will begin to challenge existing misconception about psychosis and bring about positive changes in the long-term.



相信接觸過Fitmind 和上過學生知識及對應技巧工作坊的大家,都知道持續的帶氧運動不但能改善體格,亦有效提升早期思覺失調患者的認知及記憶能力。然而在日常生活中,不難聽到一大堆不做運動的借口。它們可能是出自我們的家人、朋友、學生,甚至是自己。究竟我可以怎樣做去提升他們做運動的動力?以下文章以瑜伽為例子,節錄了數個常見的借口及對應方案:



  1. “I don’t have time.”
  2. “It’s too expensive.”
  3. “I’m not flexible enough.”
  4. “I’m not in shape enough.”
  5. “I prefer more ‘hardcore’ workouts.”
  6.  “I’m Injured.”

除了以上的例子,你們還遇過甚麼推搪做運動的藉口? 我們可以怎樣化解和鼓勵他們勤做運動?